“What can you tell us about Myles Turner?”


“So Andre, no offense, I like Duke, but I’m a UT fan (hook’em horns)! What can you tell us about Myles Turner?”

Ha, no offense taken.

You have a lot to look forward to. We coached/trained Myles during arguably his most critical timeframe (7-9th grade). Myself, Greg Buckner, Dwight Coleman, and a few more of our most talented and experience coaches were a part of building Myles’ foundation, which is very solid BTW.

I can go on and on about all of the wonderful things he provides from a skills perspective (shooting, rebounding, blocking shots, passing, etc), but IMO, the true jewel in Myles is his qualities off the court. You are getting a very bright and articulate leader that knows nothing but hard work, dedication, and doing things the right way. Those qualities are in his fabric, and he was that way even as a 7th grader with minimal skills.

So, whether he’s performing at a high level, leading the team to championships, or not, he is the type of person that the entire campus will cherish, relate to, and follow.

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