Higher Goals Scholarship Fund


Kenyon Martin, Josh Howard, and Greg Buckner
Initiate the HG Scholarship Fund

Kenyon Martin, Josh Howard, and Greg Buckner (as a team) have agreed to personally match up to $30K in donations made toward the HG Scholarship Fund between March 15th and May 1st. DFW Hoop School, a 501C3 affiliate partner of Higher Goals, will accept donations towards the fund from participants, family members, friends, and proud HG supporters. The scholarship fund will help Higher Goals provide services to low-income families and provide more competitive compensation packages to high level coaches/trainers.

HG Scholarship Fund


– NBA Milwaukee Bucks

I’ve watched these young men handle business in a high-class fashion for years. The way they ran the Greg Buckner Foundation in Denver inspired me to start my own Foundation. HG is a big service to the community because they do youth sports the right way. I’m proud to play a part in their vision in any way I can.

HG Scholarship Fund2JOSH HOWARD

– NBA Retiree/NBA All Star

Simply put, I’m proud of what Andre and Wayne have accomplished. I appreciate their help with many of my endeavors, and this is the least I could do for them.

HG Scholarship Fund3GREG BUCKNER

– Houston Rockets Assistant Coach

I can’t believe what Higher Goals has done in such a short amount of time. I’m proud to help my little brothers solidify their belonging in youth sports and push them to continue to strive for the best.


This is an exciting time for Higher Goals! We cannot be more appreciative and honored to be able to accept help
from such standup gentlemen. This fund should bring forth continued growth, diversity, and competitiveness in all areas of business.


Kenyon, Josh, and Greg, really represent all that HG stands for. These guys overcame many of life’s challenges on and off the court, they were counted out many times, outworked their competition and they all made a living by specializing in the small, underappreciated areas of basketball. They ACHIEVED HIGHER GOALS!